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  1. Add Signature

    This will allow you to add a signature

  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

    Play the famous rock paper scissors lizard spock game

  3. Guess The Number

    Win 5x times your stake if you guess the number between 1 and 500

  4. Pin Topic

    Pin any topic for 7 days

  5. Mystery Points Box

    Open a mystery box and win between 10 and 2500 points

  6. Steal Rep From Member

    Steal between 1 and 100 reputaion points from your chosen member

  7. Reset Warning Points

    This will reset your warning points back to zero

  8. Cana GamerTv

    Cana Logo GamerTv

  9. Tricou GTV

    Tricou GamerTV

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